This project started in 2010 with the renovation and reconstruction of the Namununga School in the Chibombo District. The requirements for successful learning and motivational surroundings were created out of poor circumstances like terrible hygienic conditions, overcrowded classes, dilapidated school buildings and a lack of teachers and teaching materials.

The Foundation supports the reconstruction of all the school buildings. Gaining new teachers was made possible by building 10 houses for them.


The first project of the TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation was the construction of a primary school in Dai, a remote district 3 hours north-west of Hanoi.
100 children were finally able to go to a good, child-oriented school. In addition jobs were created for 13 teachers. After the dedication of the school in 2008 the building was equipped with three modern classrooms, a teachers’ common room, a library and access to running water and electricity as well as to suitable sanitary installations. Later the school became a meeting point for young and old through the creation of a playground.


Since 1979 we have experienced how aid is possible through straightforward means with sponsorships through ChildFund for over 30 children. In 2006 we fulfilled a longstanding dream with the establishment of our Foundation. Our goal is to create better, long term living and growing conditions for children in developing countries.

To this end we invest in access to a healthy lifestyle and education and promote sustainability through helping people to help themselves.


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This included the entire power supply, the installation of water supply as well as the construction of modern sanitary facilities. The Foundation also provided tables and chairs and organized the acquisition of teaching materials, reconstruction of sports areas, creation of a school garden as well as the building and equipping of a school laboratory and the foundation of an Anti-Aids Club. A further step is the provision of computers.
The school centre is known today as a "Centre of Excellence" due to this progress and these achievements. The spectrum ranges from a pre-school for the 3-6 year olds that will open in early 2016 to the fi nal exam after the 9th year. From 2016 onwards the school can be attended by about 1,200 pupils. Medical care would be rounded off by a projected "Medical Care Centre".

The Foundation continues to support the project in Vietnam with the necessary means.

The Foundation uses its investment income as well as all donations assigned to a specified use solely for the provision of help, protection, support, enlightenment and education for the children. I personally guarantee that 100% of all donations are used for sponsorship schemes chosen by us. The children and their teachers and parents are grateful for each individual financial gift.

Ulrich F. Ackermann
Managing Partner
TRANSEARCH International Deutschland GmbH


ChildFund Germany e.V.,

based in Nürtingen since 1978, supports with the help of over 60,000 contributors and sponsors projects for children, aid for families and development in more than 30 countries worldwide. ChildFund Germany is an independent member of the worldwide ChildFund Alliance and works together with many charities including the TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation.

New water supply

New school building


Our main goal is to secure comprehensive provision of basic supplies in the areas of nutrition, health and education and to help young people to become independent permanently.

We adopt corporate social responsibility and support the intellectual and physical development of children in developing countries, as well as their school education, further training and medical care.

Teacher’s housing before / now

We start new projects every three to fi ve years which is made possible with the help of internal and external donations as well as continuing to support previous projects. All donations go directly into the projects and are not used for administrative costs.

The children in our projects, our partner ChildFund Germany and we, TRANSEARCH ChildFund Foundation, we say THANK YOU!